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Miss Lyn

Miss Lyn manufactures, imports and retails high thread count linen.

Miss Lyn was started in 1986 by talented designer Lillian Currer (referred to as Miss Lyn by her factory staff). The company was founded designing and manufacturing for some of the biggest interior décor and baby stores nationally and internationally.

In 2000, Miss Lyn opened its destination linen shop, selling 100% pure cotton percale bed linens and baby accessories. With that, company focus quickly turned from wholesaling to retailing. By garnering support from the lucrative B&B market, as well as from manufacturing for boutique Hotels, Miss Lyn became renowned in Cape Town for quality and competitive pricing.

Miss Lyn’s success is due to a strategy of both manufacturing and retailing to the end consumer. In 2004, Miss Lyn launched a second store in Tyger Valley Centre, Cape Town.

Miss Lyn now imports its raw materials and other strategic finished products from the east. This has established a low cost base and fuelled growth. The combination of manufacture, import and retail has allowed the company to quickly respond to ever changing market conditions.